Brand YOU, Brand ME

CNet news has an interesting piece by Sharon Vaknin titled, “Generation Y: We’re just not that into Twitter.”  Vaknin traces devolution from MySpace throuh Facebook to Twitter, and concludes that:

Twitter’s microblogging platform is what many Gen Y’s may describe as “like Facebook, but just the status update.” What is the point of that? We like to consolidate, so Nemeth explains that he doesn’t “want to join another community, just tell people what (he’s) doing.” We have everything we need on Facebook.

Based on Twenge’s theory, a good explanation of my generation’s lag in joining the Twitter mania is that there isn’t an obvious way to achieve a self-brand on Twitter.

This is very interesting to me.  Branding is everything in our consumerist society, so why should it be news that a generation is so caught up in branding that they are not so interested in social media platforms that don’t benefit their own individual self-branding?

But then, I can’t help but wonder if “Generation Y” is really all that much more interested in self-branding than all us old foagies are.  I’m inclined to think, rather, that self-branding is simply less a part of their self-awareness; that it is more assumed in a deeper level of their consciousness than our.  For us Gen-X and Boomers, self-branding is something we are conscious and intentional about.  With Gen-Y, perhaps, it has moved deeper.

I also wonder what the ministry implications are….

2 thoughts on “Brand YOU, Brand ME

  1. Maybe Joel’s Gen Y. (Hope that made you laugh!)

    Then again, maybe I am too. (I’m actually Gen X but haven’t begun to tweet yet. Not sure I will. Too much connection!)

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