Is Your Church Google or Microsoft?

Ok, so there are myriad ways Google and Microsoft can be compared.  For now, stay with me.

Joel Spolsky paid a visit to both campuses and reported in INC. Magazine. He points out that Wi-Fi service is available at both places.  At Google, it is free, and available everywhere. At Microsoft it is free, but you have to register with a plethora of personal information, in return for which you receive a temporary password.

Spolsky summarizes the difference this way:

I found it interesting that someone at Microsoft thought that it was important to control how guests use the Wi-Fi network and created a whole complicated system of registration and a nice four-color brochure, while the person with the same job at Google just decided to make the Wi-Fi free and open. Presumably that person at Microsoft was very convinced that all kinds of chaos would ensue if guests just willy-nilly connected their laptop computers to the Internet. And yet Google proves that no such mayhem actually occurs.

I couldn’t help but think about how user-friendly or visitor-friendly some churches are, and some churches aren’t.

If access to the gospel were Wi-Fi, would your church be more like Google or Microsoft?

3 thoughts on “Is Your Church Google or Microsoft?

    this is actually a conversation i had recently with a few contemporaries. this is my favorite church/youth ministry discussion right now.

    i’d say we are microsoft….but working toward google.

  2. I just recently got hired by my church to do Social Networking. In the staff meeting, we were talking about how we would like to have people in the congregation fill out different survey things – spiritual gifts, talents, personality, etc – so that we can help them find where they would best be in ministry at our church. My pastor made a comment about having people fill these out before Newcomer Orientation. I expression some reservations at this for exactly the reason you’re describing above. If we make it seem like we’re requiring people to fill out copious forms and surveys before they can even begin the process of joining our church, I’m suspicious that we’ll find that many people will choose to go to a church more like Google.

  3. great observations and great question…reading a book called Groundswell by Charlene Li, the topic is how organizations/corporations are using technology; some with great success, others not so much. one of the points that differentiates the two is accessibility and the ability to allow control…something that admittedly churches do not do well, esp when it comes to technology. for instance, great that churches and ministries have FB pages that do more than just post events/programs and post websites providing open sources for those visiting to share and provide their input in authentic and meaningful ways…we just need to incorporate that into our physical plants and spaces.

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