How do you see the world?

Chevy HHR-2We are in a rental car for a week or so while our Civic is repaired.  Because I was out of town taking kids to Glen Lake Camp yesterday morning, Rachel took our car into the shop and picked up the rental from our friends at Enterprise.

I had a few minutes before my trip home (I’m trying to cut way back on texting while driving) and texted Rachel to ask what we are driving for the week.

Simple question, right?  I can’t get in a car without having noticed the make and model.  I find I naturally, effortlessly distinguish brands and models, almost constantly when on the road.

Rachel hadn’t noticed. She had picked up the car, and already had driven it to work when she received my text.  She knew it was a Chevy – the Chevy emblem is planted in the middle of the steering wheel.  Beyond that, she had no idea.

Believe me : I am not claiming here to be smarter than Rachel on the basis of being able to identify an Acura or distinguish a Ford from a Dodge at 70 mph.  I am, rather, making the point of how differently she and I notice, categorize, and distinguish between things.

To be completely fair, there are many things Rachel distinguishes much more easily than I: colors and emotions are two that come quickly to mind.

There are many things that seem to me to come naturally, yet there are many things that do not come naturally to me that do come naturally to you. Whether or not these differences are a matter of nature or nurture, I believe the significance is that in our effort to share this world God has given us, we will all be better off if we do tehse two things:

  1. acknowledge with gratitutde the amazing abiitites we have as individuals
  2. recognize with grace the amazingly varied distribution and manifestation of these abilities.

Together, these things, so many of which I take for granted, influence how I see the world.  They do you, too.

5 thoughts on “How do you see the world?

  1. HHR’s aren’t that terrible for gas. One of my greatest considerations for gas consumption is Interior volume/mpgs. The HHR has decent interior room, holds 5, has over 57 cu ft. of cargo room, and is essentially a miniwagon. It gets 32 mpg on the highway… with the new EPA estimates. I wouldn’t call that shabby at all. In fact, it will hold 4 people nicely AND their stuff….. and isn’t that much lower in MPGs than a Smart car which gets 40 mpg highway. Which means that per person the HHR gets BETTER gas milage.

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