Religion like the Music Business?

This will be my final post  resulting from having read last month’s INC. magazine. Ryan McCarthy did a case study about An Indie Music Store Fights for Survival.  It is actually about Kent Wagner, Clayton Woodson, and the chain of Millennium Music stores.

This independent chain couldn’t keep up business as the music industry went online. Rather than just close up, though, they found a new way to stay open by founding what is now  AbundaTrade is entirely about trading in used books, CDs and DVDs toward cash or a variety of electronic equipment.

So: their business was once about “selling our appreciation of music,” but is now about helping people trade in their old music, movies, books, for others, or for cash or gadgets.  They are still in the music business.

For me, lessons for church(es) are obvious.  Many things about the old way of doing “church,” like the old way of selling music, are no longer effective, and are as foreign as the proverbial man in the moon to the rising generation of youth and young adults.

The question for congregations is much like the question Millennium Music faced: Do we want to continue, or shall we shut down and go our separate ways?

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