Art of the Sermon 3

There is so much flying around in my soul from this conference that I can’t begin to think about how to summarize it so quickly.

So, instead, I’ll do this.

We’re staying at the Day’s Hotel which, like every other good hotel, offers complimentary shampoo and soap.  I used to always either use or hoard these complimentary items, figuring, “I’ve paid for that, dang it, I’m going to take it.”

Which left me, once upon a time, with an inordinate amount of tiny bottles of variously scented shampoos and a stack of soap bars in my closet that I was tempted to treat like legos.

What’s the point?  To take what is “rightfully mine” equated, in this case, with hoarding something I would never use and didn’t need.

I wonder how much I do that with things worth more than soap and shampoo.

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