In and Out of Routine

Last Monday I was in Grand Rapids for Poets, Prophets, Preachers.  It was beautiful and the teaching was amazing.  I have returned inspired and refreshed.

So, as I walked up the hill to my office this morning, it felt like it has been a long time since I had done this.  It really has not: I was back in the office Thursday.

But it has been two weeks since I started a Monday off this way.

I am surprised sometimes at how much my life falls into routines. I get used to doing the things I always do in the same way, over and over again.

Changing my routine drains my energy.  I am not always aware in the moment, but dealing with change takes more energy than doing the same thing over and over again does.

Then, when I am drained of energy and am not aware of it, I catch myself sometimes getting grumpy, or angry, or lashing out at people for no obvious reason.  By contrast, when I am in my normal routine, it is really difficult to get me so angry or frustrated I can’t deal with it well.

May God help us all this week to learn to trust God a bit more than we trust our routines!

One thought on “In and Out of Routine

  1. There is such a dangerous line between routine and habit. In the last few years I have found that I have lost some adaptability, or at least the ability to maintain a highly positive attitude in the midst of a rapidly changing situation. When I’m in my routines, I do well.

    We recently had some plumbing issues that resulted in jackhammers digging a 10-12 ft trench in the foundation of our house. This first required us to move the contents of our laundry room/office space and living rooms into our front sitting room/dining room. We setup a miniature, cramped version of our living room that could uncomfortably accommodate all four us.

    It was several weeks before the floors could be redone and we could get our spaces back to normal. I knew I had been irritable during this time. Eating, watching TV, reading, studying all became much more difficult to accomplish because of the space issues.

    We finally got the living room put back together and then the front room. Suddenly being together wasn’t so stressful anymore. I went to the front room for a nap Saturday afternoon in the restored quiet and back on my comfy couch. It was so peaceful and satisfying that I actually laughed when I first stretched out.

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