Wise Water Use

In August last year, after it had been really hot for several weeks, I realized I wasn’t watering our vegetable garden enough.  I had been watering enough to keep the plants alive, but barely.  Nothing was producing.

About the same time I noticed our air-conditioner drain that is not 20 feet from the vegetable garden.  Here was a free source of water!

I put a 5 gallon bucket underneath the spout. I was surprised to find the bucket full the next morning.  It was full again that evening.

During the hottest part of the summer, we have an extra 10 gallons of water a day to keep plants going, and this water is absolutely free.

What ideas/discoveries have you made to capture/reuse water?

3 thoughts on “Wise Water Use

  1. I totally used to drink the a/c run-off when I was a kid. “Look, everybody! Water is coming out of the side of the house!”

    I’ve thought for a long time about installing downspout barrels on our gutters. They don’t look particularly cool, probably especially if you live in a neighborhood with covenants, but out in the middle of nowhere we could probably get away with it. The design in my brain is simple; a normal downspout feeds from the gutter into barrel, a second downspout begins just below the level of top of the barrel to prevent uncontrolled overflow and runs out the bottom like normal.

    I had originally intended to do it to provide water for car washing, but read an article about it and found that pay-n-spray car washes are way more efficient. Recently my wife has planted a garden, so the idea is back on the table to provide water for that.

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