The Joy of Youth

Once upon a time I went on a mission trip.  It was one of those mission trips where you work all day, then shower at the local high school before going back to a host church for an evening of activities.

My team and I had just loaded into the van after showers and were talking about the day.  I mentioned that I had thought about shaving while we were at the shower, but thought I’d wait until morning as it would help me wake up.

“You are not supposed to shave in the morning.  It’s not good for your skin,” came a voice from behind me.

I chuckled a bit, and offered only the observation that “I’ve been shaving every morning for almost 30 years.  It hasn’t been too bad so far.”

The young man suggested that perhaps the report he had heard or read was specifically for young men.

I acknowledged that there may be some truth to what he had been told, but that I felt pretty confident that, at least in my case, my beard and my skin would both be okay.

I continued to enjoy the arrogance of a 17 year old telling me that I shouldn’t do something I’d been doing without harm or problem for 3 decades.  Then I realized that I’ve done the same kind of thing with bits of infrmation.  Assume a source is good, and blare it to everyone within earshot.  (Or, if you have a blog, post for the planet to read)

Perhaps I’ll learn, one of these days, to pause before broadcasting some sweeping generalization.

2 thoughts on “The Joy of Youth

  1. And here I figured a “youth guy” like you would be willing to credit a 17 year old over your 30 years of experience. 😉

    “What do you, just a young whipper snapper, know about leading this church? Even if you’ve been to seminary, read the books, been to the seminars, we’ve been here sixty years. Don’t tell us we need to change.”

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