Thank You, John Hughes

I was very sorry to see the news yesterday that John Hughes had died. Hughes gave us such classic movies as Home Alone, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and my favorite, The Breakfast Club.

Much as I liked these movies, one thing consistently struck me about each of them: adults were generally portrayed as self-absorbed morons. Youth had the typical range os youth issues, and, with a similarly broad range of reasons and excuses, adults had almost categorically no time for them.

As a young adult when these movies appeared, I was struck by both the clarity of the depiction of teen issues and the dis-connection, seemingly intentionally, of the adult population therefrom.

Now, 2 decades later, I am not a young adult anymore, but adults are still too often horriblyself-absorbed. If it weren’t enough to ignore adolescents, some of us also dump our own stuff on them as though it is their fault, or worse, as if they are peers.

In memory of Joh Hughes, I will not overlook the needs, hurts, and challenges of today’s adolescents, nor will I expect them to carry my burdens as well.

One thought on “Thank You, John Hughes

  1. I reacted to his passing in much the same way. There was a greater maturity and depth to his teen characters. His movies stand the test of time as well. Since his movies were about teens’ lives, adults were not perceived as whole persons, and yes sometimes they were complete idiots. But I saw that as much the same way I see adults portrayed in the Charlie Brown series…waaa waaa waaa.
    I also remember seeing a more recent movie that had a school called John Hughes Middle School. It was merely on a sign, but for those of us who watched many of his movies, it was a great homage that made me smile.

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