3 thoughts on “Another thought on Health Care

  1. Steve,
    I read that blog posting earlier today, but I wasn’t able to post on there because of my not having a gmail account. Anyway, here are my thoughts and I hope Andrew is able to read these as well.

    1) I am a bit confused about what Andrew means about our healthcare being provided for us as a ‘benefit’ and not something for which we pay. I guess I follow that to a point. The Conference pays for 1/2 of our monthly premiums, which ultimately comes from local congregations. The other half, however, comes from our compensation packages, and even if they are put in a church budget as a seperate line item, they count towards the total of our compensation packages. Not only that, because it appears on our compensation form page and is voted on make it much less ‘invisible’ than it is to many ’empolyees.’ Oftentimes, employees have no idea what their insurance premiums are.
    2) How exactly would you define, “adequate health care”? I believe that basic health care is not a right, but it is something that we should and can provide because of the wealthy of our country. But what exactly should be provided? To what procedures do we have a ‘right’ to, and which ones do we not? Is ‘health insurance’ a right? Access to health care? I don’t have easy answers to this question and wrestle with it myself…. how would you defined adequate health care?

    • I’m not sure what “adequate health care” means – but I’m fairly sure we don’t have it in the U.S. right now. To be fair, even if “adequate health care” were available free, I don’t suspect everyone would take full advantage of it. For this reason, would we find ourselves, 20 years from now, debating how to go about requiring people to take full advantage of the health care that is available?

      One clarification: you wrote: “I believe that basic health care is not a right, but it is something that we should and can provide because of the wealthy of our country.” Did you mean the wealthy of our country, or the wealth?

  2. First off, health care is very rarely free. Now, doctors I know provide many service hours at free clinics, but there is a cost even to that. Gov. health care is certainly not free.
    The US has the best access to healthcare the world has ever seen. And certainly the first world in the current world has better health care access than any other place/time in the history of the world.
    I mean that because of the relative wealth of our country, we can afford as a nation to figure out how to provide basic health care services and access to all people and absorb the cost of it.

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