I don’t think so

ducttapeandjesusIn case you can’t read the words in the image next to this, it says:

Men use duct tape to fix all kinds of things.  God uses His Son. ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son.’ John 3:16

While I am tempted to call this Jesus Junk and move on, I refrained from doing so in the title of this post out of respect for those who might actually like this imagery.

Sure, all analogies ahve limits, especially any and every analogy we try to make with God.  But suggesting that God used Jesus in a way that is anything like the way we use duct tape?  please!

Duct tape is an inanimate object made specifically for (most) of its uses. How does that compare to Jesus.

I suppose if your idea of Jesus is the (far too popular) notion that his life was irrelevant except as it led him to the cross and thus to resurrection, then maybe you like the duct tape analogy.

The above image is an example of spiritual drivel that was left on the pillows of each participant at a recent youth camp I attended.  However well-intentioned I’m willing to grant the distributors of this message were, I have to think there are myriad better ways to convey the Gospel than to compare Jesus to duct tape!

One thought on “I don’t think so

  1. While visiting a church recently, I heard a guy in a Sunday morning Children’s message say that God was like mosquitoes in the summer time – always around everywhere you go. And just like those mosquitoes, there is no getting away from God. Not surprisingly, some of the kids looked very confused.

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