So THAT’S the Problem?

This is from a letter to the editor in today’s Waco Tribune-Herald. I am NOT making this up.

All of my friends believe in God, and I believe that, as a country, we need to get back to living by the Ten Commandments, loving one another, and having respect for all.

This is one of those times that I’m not old at 45, I am “only” 45 – but when exactly were those days that we, as a country, lived by the Ten Commandments?

I know, this is a penny-ante bone to pick, but this is the kind of support our local paper has received since declaring it’s turn toward the conservative.

Perhaps what we need is not for media to be less liberal and talk-radio to be less conservative. Perhaps what would serve is all, and the greater good, is for civilized people to learn to listen and speak clearly with one another.

No one’s nostalgia will serve us well if we are to go into the future with any kind of hope.

One thought on “So THAT’S the Problem?

  1. Oh Steve, don’t you know the founders were all standing upright Christian men who never sinned.

    We always divinize the past to the point we are not aware of God’s presence in the present.

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