Strategic Planning

I’m at a Strategic Planning Retreat with the other leadership of Methodist Children’s Home (MCH).  I am also in the middle of 3 days of Day Camp at Glen Lake Camp.  Fortunately, both events are being held at Glen Lake in Glen Rose.

MCH is one of the premier residential care facilities for at-risk youth in the nation and, therefore, probably in the world.  The thing that, perhaps, most distinguishes us is our model of care.  You can read more about it here.

Here’s a brief summary.  As opposed to a pathological or medical model of care, ours is strength-based.  A pathological or medical model begins with a diagnosis of problems, determines the treatment, and proceeds.

Our strength-based model of care, on the other hand, begins with the understanding that no matter what problems present themselves, humans are resilient.  We offer a stable, caring environment in which adults build postive, affirming relationships with youth.  We have a school on our campus that excels at helping kids re-gain grade level and graduate on time, or even early.

I am excited to be able to serve as Chaplain for such an organization.  In fact, this model of care was perhaps the main determining factor in my accepting this appointment.

I believe the Gospel is strength-based.  As Rob Bell presented at the Poets, Prophets, Preachers conference in Grand Rapids this past July, I believe the Gospel begins with Genesis 1, the creation and God’s declaration of everything as “good” and the creation of humans as “very good.”  Some prefer beginning the telling of the good news with Genesis 3 – the Fall.

So, for the next day, I’ll be strategizing to be a part of the good news that starts with Good News.

Please pray for us and our ministry.

2 thoughts on “Strategic Planning

  1. Currently reading a book on Strategic Planning but the book is an introduction to Game Theory. I wonder if game theory could help in our ministry context?

    We are always in prayer for the home.

  2. It sounds like you are pretty busy for the week but you are having a good time and learning something. I think the most important thing in a day camp is coming out of it having learned something or developed character in it. If you can do that and have fun, you can’t beat it.

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