Classroom Behavior

I am about to attend my first college-level class in at least 14 years.  This course is on working with adolescents and is titled Revealing Greatness.  I expect it will be a combination of human development, behavioral intervention training, and good interaction with several of my co-workers.

Technically, I am probably over educated for this course.  The primary reason it is offered is an opportunity for our entry-level staff, for which a diploma or GED is the only educational requirement, to receive some college level education for what we do here.

For this reason, I am not expecting the course to be as intellectually challenging as some I’ve taken.  On the other hand, I am far enough removed from the classroom that I look forward to the benefit of learning thataffects life and relationships; which is exactly what I expect from this.

I’m really curious now, as class time approaches (it starts in 20 minutes), to see if my classroom behavior falls back into old patterns.  Believe it or not, I used to like to launch a humorous line now and then.  I tended to sit towards the front of the class.  I always maintained the appearance of paying attention, usually by actually paying attention.

Whatever my behavior, I look forward to teh class giving me many topics about which to blog.

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