I’m not so sure

A very well intentioned woman told me a while ago that she was sure Rachel and I would have a child.  “God will give you a child, you’re good people,” she said.

I’m not so sure.

Perhaps I’m sure we’re good enough peole for God to honor with a child, but mostly, I not sure it works that way.

I’m fairly sure it doesn’t.

I work with at-risk youth; over 200 of them.  Some of the stories they’ve told me about home life are harrowing.

And God chooses to whom children are given?

The newspaper regularly has pieces about children being taken from homes where no one, especially children ought to live.  But God thought they were good enough?

I’m not so sure.

After telling me that she was sure God would give us a child, the women shared some more of her story.  God had taken a child from her, she told me, but then had given her another in the place of the lost one.

Now I’m really not so sure, but I’m even less sure how to try and unpack all that is going on.  Has this woman, who tragically lost a child decades ago, found peace in crediting (or blaming) God with taking her child away?

If so, is this the kind of peace God offers us?

“Love, not explanation is required when we are faced by the tragedies of life.” Stanley Hauerwas, A Cross-Shattered Church, p. 65.

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