booksNewsweek reports that the number of books in print is growing – has grown by 38% each of the last two year!

At a meeting last week, I heard a couple of seemingly bright guys lamenting that “people just don’t read anymore.”  Interestingly, both went on to admit to loving reading.  So, it’s just everyone else?

I wonder if this is just another lament of the current generation’s lack of appreciation for the old days.  Books are in!

I’m reading more than I used to, and the more I read the more I want to read.

What have you read lately that I should add to my list?

5 thoughts on “Books!

  1. I am determining to read all the books I’ve bought but never read. (I love the way bookstores smell! That leads to buying more than reading.). So, I’ve decided to read through all 4 books in the Lonesome
    Dove series. I’ve read Lonesome Dove before & it’s incredible, but western isn’t my normal style. So
    far, it’s good!

  2. I’m with Christie…I buy more books than I read and then when I buy another new one my wife always asks me if I have read all of the ones on my shelf. I always tell her no, but I go right on buying new ones. Such is the life of a bibliophile!

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