Belated Disgust

I am habitually late in remembering important dates

I don’t always do a good job of following news.  Especially lately, when I’ve been out of town two weekends in a row and trying to keep up in between.

Yes, I had heard President Obama was going to give a “Back to School” speech to children.  Yes, I had heard some small minded people protested he was just trying to turn kids into socialists. (On which I have to agree with Peter Sagal: What kid isn’t a socialist?  Receiving more benefit than he or she could possibly earn)

Then Yesterday I hear that some parents have their children pulled out of classes that are listening to/watching the speech?

Waco Independent School District issued a statement on how they would be handling the speech. It concludes with the sentence: Parents may ask that their students not participate in the lesson in which the speech is used.

Come on, parents!

Sorry to wax nostalgic, but remember back in the day when parents might have expressed concern over religious perspectives being hawked in the classroom?

Not any more!  We’ve moved beyond that.  WAY beyond that.  Now, kids, if mommy and/or daddy don’t like the President, we won’t even talk about politics in school.

Fellow United Methodist Blogger Alan Bevere reminds that Democrats flew into a similar tizzy in 1991 when then-President George H. W. Bush spoke to students.  Thanks for a great piece on this matter, Alan.  (and congrats on posting ahead of the game, unlike this writer)

We’ve got to get a handle on this kind of attitude, otherwise what’s next: some out-of-control congressman shouts at the President during a televised speech?

Tell me THAT couldn’t happen….  Would you have told me so yesterday?

Now more than ever, this is a must-read

2 thoughts on “Belated Disgust

  1. Steve:
    I kind of thought all the conservative pundits got it all wrong. The worst thing they could do is brign attention to the speech before Obama even spoke. It’s like trying to arrest someone for shop lifting before they leave the store. The best thing would have been to let the speech happen. Then if the President said anything out of line (unlikely) there would be a record of it. As it was a furor was raised over what, at least those kids polled in my household, termed a “boring speech about school”.
    I thought it was kind of silly both ways. It’s nice the President wants kids to stay in school and work harder, but will they becuase he tells them to? That probably will work as well as Nancy Reagan telling kids to “Just Say No.” I’ll make sure my kids stay in school and work hard. That’s my job, not his.
    Of course if he wants to speak, that’s his perogative. He is after all, the President. If He wants to speak to the students, then he gets to. I say that freely admittign I don’t think Obama is doign a good job and I find almost every single one of his policies dangerous and short sighted.
    But so what? If you don’t like his policies then vote him out in four years. It’s really easy. But we never benefit from squashing free speech.

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