Reflection on 8 years ago

I remember numbly sitting and watching the video loops over and over again.  It was beyond my ability to keep from wondering how the twin towers actually falling might have compared with Hollywood’s CGI version of the same event.

Thoughts cascaded from my head to my heart about the bigger picture – what might the events of this day mean?

Like many, I was unsure what to make of it.  Unlike most, my uncertainty drew me toward articulation, not away from it.

I have remembered 9/11/01 as a wonderful confirmation of my call to preach; to share the good news. On that day, much as I struggled to find words, at the same time I remember welling up within me something stronger than a desire to speak, it was a drive to speak.  I had to share the hope and the peace that followers of Jesus talk about and read about.

When I received a call that afternoon to speak at a community gathering at the city park, I leapt at the opportunity.  I am exceedingly grateful for all opportunities afforded me to share the hope that is in me.

I was struck that day but the reports of stunned silence, of the loss of words, of so many people having no idea what to say or how to say it.  I don’t recall now exactly what I said, but from the earliest of the events that made that day so different, I knew I wanted to speak.

I am grateful now, for 8 years, for such a confirmation of a call to use words for healing.

One thought on “Reflection on 8 years ago

  1. I first heard about it on the radio, not TV. I was stunned when the announcer referred to “where the World Trade Center was.” Past tense… was. I still remember the feeling of shock at the little word ‘was.’

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