Grow Up?

Recent outbursts by the likes of Joe Wilson and Kanye West have discussions and arguments raging over decency, maturity, and civility.

Saying things one regrets is certainly not new.  Who has not?  The internet is not the friend of those who wish to be able to leave things in the past, either – though I still chuckle at the time a 20 year old told me he was keeping his personal and private thoughts on his blog.

But, alas, 20 is 20, and the new adolescence extends to at least 25.  We won’t hold youthful transgressions and digressions forever against  others, will we.

No one wants to cast the first stone. ( Right!)

At what age ought one really become responsible for and content to live with what one puts out there?  I admit I ponder this more for this blog than I do for my sermons.  No one is recording those, and these are, well, out here for everyone to see, to save….

Bob McDonell, Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, might hope the age of forgivability extends to at least 34.  That’s how old he was when he wrote, as a law student,

that working women were “detrimental” to families. Public policy, he thought, should be weighted towards married couples rather than “cohabitators, homosexuals and fornicators”. He also complained that a federal court edict legalizing the use of contraception by unmarried couples was “illogical”.  (from The Economist)

In this regard, I heard a paraphrase of some carpenter’s wisdom that would do us all well:

Think twice; post once.

So, in these days when so many could use a booster shot of civility, and so many more lament the downfall of society, let’s talk at least a few days to all consider what we say and how we say it with the long view in mind.

What you say or write today could come back to you in 20 years.  Are you ready for that?

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