Commercializing Ministry?

Some of the bloggers I follow have moved their blogs to beliefnet. This includes Ben Witherington, Scot McKnightTony Jones, and others. I don’t know te motivations, or variety thereof, behind signing on with beliefnet.

But I do know this: everytime I go to a blog, I get an ad that opens down over the piece I inted to read.  It is usally a ministry ad – asking me to sponsor a child or buy a net or some such good cause.  Sometimes I am invited to subscribe to some magazine or consider some other product.

I would have thought it enough that ads run across the top and down the right side; do we really need them popping up over the blog entry, too?

Perhaps this is the high-tech version of something I saw outside Whitney, Texas earlier this week. Driving past a Cowboy Church, I noticed the usual rodeo ring had been built for outdoor meetings.  On a wall behind one side of the ring, were billboard ads, not unlike you might see at a stadium or ballpark these days.

Perhaps I should seek commercial sponsors for my sermons.

“Today’s message on purity of life is brought to you by….”

4 thoughts on “Commercializing Ministry?

  1. Or endorsing Welch’s grape… oh, we actually do that. Never mind. has the same pop-up ad on its site. I go back and forth between annoyance at the ad and annoyance at myself at for feeling inconvenienced by a reminder of someone’s need while trying to find a scripture.

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