COR Leadership – Slaughtered

Michael Slaughter, lead pastor at Ginghamsburg UMC,  spoke Friday afternoon at COR Leadership Institute.  Here are the notes I took.

Attractional v. missional –not about getting people into heaven, but about getting heaven into people

  • If it isn’t good news for the poor, it isn’t good news.
  • I believe in the new birth (I’ve been born again), but being reborn is mentioned 4 times, justice for the poor around 2800.
  • Do we send pastors to where people live, or to buildings (we own)?
  • Great missional movements always begin at the fringes of culture – especially among the marginalized.
  • Wesley reached poor farmers from rural areas.

Multiplication rather than expansion.

  • Urbanization brings transportation issues.
  • Dayton & Darfur – God does God’s best work in cemeteries.
  • You don’t try to make deals with demons, you exorcise demons.
  • Build relationships with local elementary school.
  • It’s not that they don’t have mission in their hearts, it’s that we haven’t shown them what mission looks like.

Disciples v. Decisions.

  • We don’t use “volunteer” – it is the language of the club – serve at convenience of schedule
  • Servant is the language of the gospel. – serves at the discretion & schedule of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus says: “Come try this, and I’ll resource you while you do it.”
  • Communitas – a group of people who come together for a purpose greater than themselves.

Courage v. Compliance

  • Post 9/11 – culture of fear.
  • Survey last year: 60% of US Christians approve of torture, 40% non-Christians.
  • Whatever you spend on yourself this Christmas, give. Christmas isn’t your birthday!
  • I don’t know “what if,” but I know “what if we do nothing.”
  • Transformed from a soft-secular worldview v. sacrificial service worldview of Jesus.
  • At the heart of every decision e make about the future and purpose of the church is the choice between courage and compliance.

3 thoughts on “COR Leadership – Slaughtered

  1. Thanks for this, Steve–sounds like it was wonderful. Good stuff, and I’m glad to at least get to hear some of it by association.

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