Working with People You Don’t Like

I don’t get along with everyone.  There are some people I don’t really like. Sometimes I have no choice but to interact with these people.  Sometimes I even have to work with them.

I used to complain to colleagues about having to work with people I don’t like or get along with.  Ok, I still do some of that, but I’ve also tried another option, and you wouldn’t believe the difference it has made.

Because it has made so much difference, and because this new thing I’ve tried is so simple, I’m going to share it with you.

If there are people you don’t like but have to work with, spend time with them.  Beyond the work that you have to share, spend time.  Get to know her.  Listen to his story.

Now some of you might be thinking: “so, that’s why Steve spent time with me.”   No: it’s not that I’ve begun to spend time only with those I don’t like.  It’s more like I’ve decided not to only spend time with people I like.

So, are there people you don’t like, but cannot completely avoid? I can almost guarantee that if you will make the effort to get to know him better; plan to sit and listen to her story, you will notice a change in your relationship with that person.

And you will like the change.  So will he or she.

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