Would YOU Buy What You’re Selling?

Do you know what the”WD” in WD-40 stands for?

Jon S. Barry, creator of WD-40, died recently. Inc. Magazine’s obituary piece is inspiring. It is inspiring to me because all the man did or cared about, business-wise, was selling WD-40.  Do you know how many different things this product is used for?  No one does: 80% of us have it in our homes, and we keep trying it for new things, and keep discovering it works.

Barry apparently eschewed some of marketing’s general principles, but he kept selling his product.

How?  I suppose it boils down to the fact that his product worked, and thus, sold itself.

Now, on to the “product” I sell (I apologize, Jason, and Kyle, for the business analogy, but I think you’ll approve in this instance), and the one that almost everything relates to some way or other as far as I am concerned:

The Christianity that an awful lot of us are trying to sell others on these days is apparently not working.  People are NOT buying, in seeming record numbers.  Not only are people not coming to churches, but others are leaving.

I cannot help but wonder if a major reason for this is our “product.”  Sure, we claim that what we have to offer is peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, a relationship with God, hope for a future, transformation, etc. But is this what we are actually offering?

Do these words describe what your life looks like?

If so, I think we will find that, like John S. Barry, we might not need all the marketing strategies.


5 thoughts on “Would YOU Buy What You’re Selling?

  1. To borrow an analogy from the Cosby Show about 20 years ago, our product may be something people actually want, and may be the best thing in the world. Even so, it is as though we are offering a fine steak dinner to a steak lover, but presenting it on the bottoms side of an old, stained, smelly garbage can lid. Something about us smells to the unbelieving world, and makes what we have to offer, as good as it is, unacceptable.

  2. I want lots of people to want what I offer. I want them to want it bad enough they receive it. I wish Jesus had done a better job at the numbers game (well, better than the feeding 5000 that quickly deserted him, or even the unanimous crowd there at the end) to justify my own desire to do better at it. Sure makes a lot of sense.

    But then it’s easy to go the other direction and reason, “Hey – we only have a few – WE’RE the ones like Jesus!” The Book of Acts turns that one around.

    • Water Displacement, Formula #40.
      (1-39 obviously didn’t make it)

      WD-40 sells because it delivers more than it delivers.

      The product of the church is over-sold & under-delivered.

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