Don’t Threaten Your Problem with Me!

Please leave me and mine out of your issues.  Unless, of course, we belong there.
Wesley, our cat, has been a bit under the weather lately.  Actually, I think Rachel has figured out that Wesley and I have about the same allergies.

We took Wesley to the Vet’s office last Friday, to get direction on dealing with his allergies.  After his appointment, we sat in the reception area again, waiting our turn to checkout.  The customer in front of us had two small dogs.

When the little dogs started acting up, their owner quickly shushed them with these words: “If you don’t calm down, I’m going to let that cat have you.”

Wesley was sitting calmly in his travel crate, on my lap.  He did not seem too interested.

I was reminded of the time that, at a clergy meeting/meal, the child of another clergy was acting up a little, and then was told by a parent, who pointed in my direction, “If you don’t behave, I’m going to send you to live at the Methodist Children’s Home.”

I undersatnd the difference between telling a dog you are going to give it over to a cat and telling a child you are going to send him/her to a children’s home, but what kind of person makes such threats anyway?

The same kind who, when taking his child to the doctor, threatens to get her a shot if she doesn’t sit patiently in the waiting area.  The same kind who suggests to her child, upon seeing a policeman, that perhaps she wants to be turned over to the cop?

Seriously, now, fellow “adults” (and I use that term very loosely), can we all at least agree that making such idle threats to our children screams to them how insecure we are and damages their attachments to us at the same time?

If you dont’ stop, I’m going to tell God.

One thought on “Don’t Threaten Your Problem with Me!

  1. Oh, you have hit on one of my pet peeves. First of all, threatening to abandon your child (the children’s home threat), if believed, is devastating to the child’s trust of you. Second, take responsibility for your own dadgum child and take action if they are misbehaving!!!!! The only reason to threaten that somebody else is gonna step in is if they already know you are not gonna do anything about it.

    Well, about the cat … I did find that rather funny. Especially because (most of the time) we have both dogs and cats, and dogs usually have an appropriate respect for cats. Although they technically could kill the cat if they so wished (as evidenced by aggressive dogs). We are still missing our beautiful tuxedo tom, Tonto. Our chihuahua-beagle mix, Izzie, misses him too. They used to play so roughly … they would roll end-over-end wrestling, or Izzie would get Tonto by the back of the neck and drag him around the back yard. When he’d had enough, Tonto would reach out with those sharp claws and send the message he was done. They both appeared to love their play times.

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