I’m Through Waiting

Listening to John Mayer’s “Waiting for the world to change” in a nearby office brought clarity to me on a recent matter of discussion.

If you are old enough to ask for ID, you are too old to be trick-or-treating!

For a coupe of years now I have noticed instances of people clearly old enough to be the parents of other trick-or-treaters hoisting their own bags towards me as if to ask for candy. Each time I have obliged.  I don’t think I can do so any longer.  Next year, if you are old enough to have kids trick-or-treating, you don’t need to follow them around with a wal-mart bag of your own.

Or, if you must, at least wear a costume, k?

It seems that if we sit around “waiting for the world to change,” it changes the wrong direction….

One thought on “I’m Through Waiting

  1. Okay this is a good word. & I’d like to add my own requirement:

    This year I had some trick or treaters who were late middle school-early high school aged. They had, in fact, dressed up to use their Wal-Mart sacks. All with black capes/gowns, spray painted hair, and white face make up. I asked my standard question: “And what are you?” and every time got the same answer: (Shrug) “I don’t know.” Listen, if you’re gonna come to my house in a costume & take candy, make something up! “I don’t know” just isn’t an acceptable answer!

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