Are you in it for the Long Haul?

baylors little treeDriving by Baylor this morning on my way to Common Grounds Coffee House, I noticed a field of yuong, recently planted oak trees.  Here is a picture of one of them.

Upon seeing this field, I remembered, for some reason, that it had once been occupied by a building. This building had once been a set of stores.

I observed that there are very few trees planted, and they are rather spread out.  I wondered why they hadn’t planted more trees.

Then I recalled all the beautiful oaks that spread across the Baylor campus, and, indeed, across Waco.  Full grown, they aren’t meant to grow too closely together.

This field is years, probably decades, from its intended beauty.

Then I thought of all the quick fixes we are so prone towards in our society.  We want change, we want healing, we want things to be better, and we want it NOW.

By planting these young trees, Baylor University is saying that they are in it for the long haul.  Beauty and presence over years, decades, perhaps centuries.

What are you and I in for the long haul?  What kinds of “better” are we willing to work toward and wait for full fruition?

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