Love v. Control

Surprise!  Ben Bernanke thinks the Fed ought to maintain control over banking.

Like many of my posts, this one is not actually about the topic with which I open.  Well, at least not the obvious one.

I do not, for present purposes, care what the role of the Federal Reserve is in regulating banking.

I want, instead, to deal with the notions of control and love.  Of course Bernanke believes the Fed ought to maintain it’s current authority – how often do those with power suggest they ought to have less power?

Whether at the personal or the global leve, control is a very difficult thing to willingly give up.

On the other hand, love refuses to control others.  More specifically, to love someone is to refuse to control that person.  To love is to trust (1 Corinthians 13:7).  To control is not to trust.

Again, the Fed aside, are you ans I willing to learn to love others (as Jesus commanded), even if it means refusing to control them?

Are those of us who say we love the church willing to avoid efforts to control it?

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