One Year to Think

One year ago today was the busiest single day this blog has had what had then been 2 1/2 years.  The traffic was due to my In Memoriam for Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball.

As any life well lived ought to do, Kathleen’s life challenged me and pulled me closer to the Kingdom of God.  Today, on the anniversary of her death, I’d like to share a particular instance of how she did this for me.

Talking over dinner at a jurisdictional youth event, I learned that Kathleen and I had a particular mutual acquaintance.  This person had been a member of a church she had served.  He had also been someone I had barely met but knew by reputation from my days at Southwestern University.  The reputation was not a good one.

For some weak-spirited reason, I tried to share some stories of this man’s past with Kathleen, and she was gracious in listening to me.  Her response, though, was to share ways that this person had been a deeply committed member of that church.  Though they had not agreed on all issues, in fact, they had had serious and great disagreements, Kathleen saw, valued, and respected this man’s contribution to the Kingdom of God.

I had trouble letting go of what I had heard of this man’s past.

Thank you, Kathleen, for reminding me that none of us could pass muster if others insisted on holding everything in our past against us.  Thank you, also, for looking for, and finding, whatever seeds of the Kingdom God has planted in any person, whether you agree with them or not.

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