More Effective Preaching in Central Texas

Preaching in the Central Texas Conference has been weighed and found wanting.  So says Bishop Mike Lowry.

As a consequence, all the clergy in the Waco District received an email a month or so ago about our attendance being required at a workshop on preaching.

I was insulted at first.  Not only do I think I am a fairly effective preacher, Bishop Lowry hasn’t heard me preach – he can’t be thinking of me when he says  our preaching needs improvement!

I quickly decided that, however effective a preacher I think myself to be, I want to be an even more effective preacher.  So, I swallowed my pride and soon became eager to attend the workshop.

The first workshop, ably led by Dr. Mike Young, was encouraging.  I am looking forward to improving my preaching.

5 thoughts on “More Effective Preaching in Central Texas

  1. “Effective” is a really good word. We’d all rather be effective than INeffective. But there are multiple ways of being effective:
    – Effectively employing the methods and models you were taught in seminary
    – Effectively leading people to faith in Christ
    – Effectively helping people grow in faith
    – Effectively causing DSs, bishops and ecclesiastical leaders to think you’re a good preacher
    – Effectively causing more people to come to your church
    – Effectively proclaiming the Kingdom and its ways in such a way that people want to stone or crucify you

    And then there is the period of evaluation. Can we identify something like a preaching event effective based only on a punctiliar experience? Or does effective preaching take time? How many sermons constitute a minimum to judge effectiveness? Is effectiveness equal to each and every conceivable audience? (Can one make a preaching prof happy while killing a congregation – or vice versa?)

  2. When is the Church going to learn that lecture style format is “least effective” means to communicate the gospel? The last Bible I read had Jesus doing ministry with a bunch of losers and “preaching to those who thought they were in the religious right!” There was this “one” sermon he gave. Hmmmm… what did He know He was only the Son of God.

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