Mission Accomplished

In 2007 I kept track of my reading throughout the year, then, in 2008, I did not.  A year ago now I had to think quite a bit to remember what all I had read.

This year I returned to my 2007 practice, though unlike 2007 I didn’t keep track of monthly progress. Here is my list of books completed in 2009.

Early on I was running about 3 books a month, but, with a couple of higher months, I soon started to think I could bring up my average to 4 per month.  I did it, albeit with several quick-read novels to finish off.

I’ve already begun for 2010.  I’m reading The Management Myth by Matthew Stewart. Also, A couple of months ago I was turned on to GoodReads.  Check it out if you’re a book person.

What do you recommend I read in 2010?

2 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished

  1. Hey, Steve, your link to GoodReads is broken (I think you spelled it gooderads in the hidden link). Looks like a good site, though!

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