I’ve had conversations with some of you about being “green.”  For me it is primarily a matter of stewardship. As a new blog, EvanEco puts it, “The world isn’t ours to mess up.-Ps 24.1)  I am trying to move in the direction of living on this planet God has given us in ways that all 6-point-however many billion people could all live.

Could our planet sustain everyone daily using as much fresh water as I do? would it be possible, and economically feasible, to generate enough electricity as  6 billion people would need, if all consumed electricity at the rate I do?

I’m thrilled about a step that Texas State University has taken to help its students become more aware of sustainability issues. Robert George wrote a story for the Austin American Statesman.  TSU has installed 30 elliptical trainers for student workouts that are designed to generate power and put it back into the power grid.

Great as this is, a 30 minute workout generates about enough electricity to light a bulb for 2 hours.

Would you be willing to work out enough to leave your lights on?

One thought on “Sustainability

  1. Steve, did you know that our own SU has built a green building recently? It was a student led initiative, if I understand correctly.

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