PSYM-What Every Youth Minister Needs.

I spent most of last week at Perkins School of Youth Ministry.  This was my third consecutive year attending PSYM, and for the third consecutive time I am convinced that PSYM is exactly the kind of thing that every person in youth ministry needs and deserves.

For those of you not in youth ministry, it is like this:

People who work in youth ministry, whether they volunteer or are paid, work in between “regular church” and the culture today’s youth live in.

PSYM is the intersection of quality teaching and life-reinvigorating networking. For example, this year’s keynote speaker was Mark DeVries. If you haven’t read his Sustainable Youth Ministry, get it and start reading it today. Here is an audio interview with Mark on this book.

I also attended workshops such as “Media 101,” led by Eric Kelly McFarland, “Engaging Youth Culture in Ministry,” by Hank Hilliard, and “Doing Stuff on Purpose,” by John “Bear” Losey and Laars R00d.

I’ve been to several National Youth Worker’s Conventions.  By comparison, PSYM offers better training and more direction for growth and support in youth ministry.

Hope to see you there next year!

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