One thought on “NT Wright on Hell

  1. Not too controversial and somewhat mainstream from what I understand. Free will is elevated rather highly which can call into question the sovereignty of God, but that is an old argument.

    If people freely choose to reject God and no long want to be an image bearer, then I am willing to bet that those people don’t really care. For instance, the people who write that we should choose God are people who believe in God. Of course we will say people should believe in God because it gives us life because it does! But that is something like a non-smoker saying, “I choose not to smoke because it gives me life.”

    In the same vein, a smoker might very well say “I choose to smoke because it gives me life.” The two are defining what ‘life’ means and each may be correct in their understanding.

    So I wonder if those people who do not choose God “in the end” are choosing a way of life which leads to just a different understanding of ‘life’… a definition which makes no sense to me and one that I cannot understand, which is why I choose God.

    I don’t know, just my initial thoughts thirty seconds after viewing.

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