I Hate the Blame Game

(especially when we blame young people)

Over the weekend Rachel and I went to a basketball tournament. It wasn’t very well thought out because, though they had some really good concession options, There was a huge sign on the door:


About noon I went out to peruse the options, and asked about the sign. I asked if this included the bottled water, power drinks, and apple juice that I had already seen in the gym.  (I didn’t even mentioned the sausage on a stick)

The otherwise pleasant woman worknig the cocession stand said, “Yeah, those kids will sneak in anything they can.”

Which worked, except that everyone I saw with contraband in the gym was an adult!

Admittedly, young people are an easy target. They usually aren’t around when we cast all blame for the state of the world today, and if they are, we can slough their answers aside.  After all, they’re just kids.

Do we consider the example we are setting for young people when we blame them for all the world’s ills? Do we really want them to grow up and do the same thing?

At least they won’t be blaming us.

Perhaps we blame them as a sick example of “paying forward” some blame we received when we were younger.

I think it is time to stop.  Yes, young people today dress different, speak different, even smell different (thanks, Axe).  The gadgets and methods of communication they are drawn to are different than when you and I were young.

As much as is different, I contend even more is the same. In fact, I submit that whatever is different has become different under the (less than) watchful eyes of adults.

So is it our fault that it is their fault?

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