Nouwen, Day 1

One of the things I have taken on for Lent is to read Henri Nouwen.  I began this morning with his 1969 book Intimacy. This is from page 11.

In one way we have to agree with Freud: in so far as our God is a pure surrogate for our conscience and a preventative to the development of a rational mind, a mature self and an autonomous individual, it is only a sign of good health and insight to throw our God out as a disease called neurosis.  It is even sad to notice how few have the courage to do this.

This is in response to Freud’s well-known book on religion title The Future of An Illusion.  This first chapter is titled “From Magic to Faith.” When yet still within the understanding-realm of magic, God “remains the magical pacifier whose existence depends on ours.”

During this season of preparation for Easter, I want to banish any residue of such magical expectation so I may live fully into a mature relationship with God.

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