Wearing the Glasses = Drinking the Koolaid?

Now that Avatar has not won best movie, I don’t mind blogging about it.  Didn’t want to add to the hype on the chance I would have had a hand in increasing its odds of winning. Not that I hated the movie. The imagery was exceptional, but the story as predictable as wet sidewalks in the rain.

Then there were the glasses.  Yes, Rachel and I saw Avatar in 3D. We had managed to avoid seeing the 3D versions of everything else recently, and still found a way to enjoy and appreciate those movies.

I never adapted to the glasses.  Sure, I would occasionally focus on some hokey crap they would have floating around in the scene (probably for 3D only). Mostly, however, the main thing I noticed was that my viewing of the movie was dependent on something besides myself.  The glasses limited, to an extent, my peripheral vision.

3D glasses gave me the impression that what they helped me see (or made me able to see) was more important, even qualitatively different, than what I could see without them.  I couldn’t help but think 3Dglasses a metaphor for other things.

Haven’t you run into people who insist that you see things the way they do?  That somehow their experience or education makes them able to see and understand things in a way you cannot?  Granted; education and experience can change our ability to see and understand, but when such change is presented in a condescending way, who wants to consider it?

On the other hand, 3D glasses also reminded me that no matter how clear I think my own understanding or perception of something is, I always see it through the lens of my own experience or education. Because this is true for all of us, we owe one another the respect due the realization that we all see through different lenses.

Education and experience can be really beneficial because, hopefully, they empower us to think about the lenses we are wearing and, perhaps because of this, be more understanding and accepting of others.

But, back to the title of this post, we also ought to consider whether or not we are wearing glasses that others have put on us, or told us we had to wear, to see things right.

Tell me how you see it.

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