Word Cloud of John 17

Preaching at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids (Grandville for the geographically sensitive), Scot McKnight began his message by asking what a word cloud of your personal prayers might look like.

So I found Wordle, which makes word clouds of any text you or I might give it.  I entered Jesus’ prayer in John 17. This is what I got:

Wordle: John 17

What might your prayers look like in a word cloud (where the more times a word is used the larger it appears)?

2 thoughts on “Word Cloud of John 17

  1. I did a word study of prayer in the OT many years ago. Over and over again I observed that prayer there often boiled down to “Help!” It probably wouldn’t show up that way in a word cloud, though.

  2. Isn’t Wordle great? It is much easier for me to see the picture than it is for me to see the words. I have been plugging prayers I have been saying to see if I have a dominate theme that I over use or under use. Great tool.

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