Wisdom from Abe

HT David Mosser:

Once, back in the late 1830s, a rich man in Springfield, Illinois insisted a poor man owed him $2.50. When it was evident the poor man was not going to pay, the rich man contacted a young lawyer, Abraham Lincoln. At first, Lincoln did not want to take the case. He finally agreed, if the rich man would pay his fee up front . . . $ 10 in cash. The client readily agreed and produced the money.

Then Lincoln went to the poor man and offered him $5 if he would settle the alleged debt. Thus Lincoln received $5 for himself, the poor man got $2.50 and the claim was satisfied. The rich man paid three times the original debt, just to gain satisfaction. The Gospels are clear, Jesus always came to the aid of the poor and the oppressed, such as in the Jerusalem Temple. No wonder he ran into opposition from the religious authorities and the Romans.

3 thoughts on “Wisdom from Abe

  1. I thought that Jesus was reclaiming the Temple as God’s house, and being sure it was a place where God’s name was glorified.
    Was justice wrapped up in that? Surely. There is no denying that, but it seems that much more was going on than ‘coming to the aid of the poor.’

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