It is that time of year

One chapter in King David’s life begins “In the spring of the year, when kings go off to war….”  It’s that time of year, and United Methodist Clergy aren’t going off to war.  We are, however, paying attention as our bishops and their cabinets across the land meet to make appointments for the upcoming year.

I was totally naive about this process in 1989 when I came out of seminary and needed (and got) an appointment. During my first couple of years (before I came to the Central Texas Conference), I was a quick study on how the appointment system worked.

At least, on how it looked like it worked from outside.

It was, to my surprise then and concern now, incredibly political.  Having said this, I am glad to tell you that I have absolutely  no regrets over any of my appointments over the past 21 years.

At the same time, I want to admit that sometimes during the process I have been too eaten up with envy. Sadly, this was never about someone else getting a move I thought I deserved. Rather, it was, inevitably, about someone getting a move he or she, in my opinion, didn’t deserve.

Sometimes it seems like appointment making is more about who you know than about ministry gifts and graces.

So it is the spring, when United Methodist Clergy receive their appointments for the next year.  My prayers this year will be for the bishops and their cabinets who shoulder the responsibility for making these appointments.  Please join me.

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