The Inconvenience of Children, con’t.

Yesterday I posted about the inconvenience of children. I cited a book, The Limits of Liberal Democracy, and referenced a particular paragraph.  Respecting copyright restrictions, I didn’t share the paragraph with you.  In the meantime, I checked with Dr. Scott H. Moore, the author, who told me “quote whatever you like.”  Here goes:

But we do have a resource for imagining alternatives. Burdens need not be bad. Our children are a burden! A glorious, God-sent burden. Children rip us out of our delusions about what kinds of neat, ordered, convenient lives we can create. Children demonstrate the inadequacy of the category of convenience for addressing matters that matter. Our children are not convenient, and we were not convenient to our parents as children. (Some of us remain inconvenient as adults.) The inconvenience of children should be absolutely irrelevant to the manifest joy that comes to us even as we are profoundly unprepared to receive the gift of this extraordinarily vulnerable imago Dei. The child in one’s arms shows us the image of God. Our children never thank us for most of what we do for them. They do not even say “thank you” until after several thousand dirty diapers have been changed. The do say the most inconvenient things at the most inconvenient moments. And they certainly do impede our capacity to consume. And precisely herein lies the hope.

Of course you notice that this paragraph, glorious as it is, begins with “But…”

Of course this means it refers to the previous paragraph.

Of course this means you ought to buy the book.

May you be blessed by inconvenience today.

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