Catching them looking

I’ve got a good problem going right now.  By good problem I mean that for some reason some search engine(s) are giving up my post “A Fruity Reflection” from December 2008 as a top offering when “bananas” is the word entered in the box.

The same thing happened with my post “Customer Service” from September 2009 in December when “eeyore” was the search word of choice.

The “good problem” is that each of these has caused a serious spike (of around 100%) in visits to my blog. It is a problem only because I cannot imagine that most people searching for “bananas” or “eeyore” are looking for my devotional thoughts use of these words.

Nevertheless, I presume that at least some of the wanderers read these posts.  Perhaps a few of these actually find something meaningful, helpful, useful; or whatever else it is we bloggers hope blog readers find in our blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the spike in views.  But it makes me wonder: do I have anything worthwhile to offer to those who come across my blog unwittingly?

What do any of us have to offer in those times and spaces where we intersect paths of others – especially when we have not designed, planned, or expected these intersections?

May all your intersections with others today bless both you and the other.

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