I am considering getting an e-reader.  I know the iPad is an option, as is the Kindle, the Nook, and a dozen or so others.

If you have or have had any of these, I would appreciate your input.

I am interested in reasons why I should consider a particular model.  I am not so much interested in why I shouldn’t consider a model you don’t like.

One thought on “e-Reader

  1. Well, I have a Kindle and have had one for almost a year. I will try not to share the reasons I love an e-reader in general (cost, makes me read more, cultural shifts, etc) Here is why I love it (I have no experience with the others), in no particular order:

    a) Tech support

    b) What I like to call the “Gameboy effect”. When Nintendo released the Gameboy it was simple. Other handheld gaming devices were released at the time, some with color and others with greater graphics. Gameboy crushed them all. It was simple. It was clean. It was efficient. It had a great battery life. It was easy to understand and share. While Gameboy’s dominance has begun to slip, it is still very popular and will continue to be (I think). The others look sexy but I love the simplicity of the Kindle.

    c) Battery life. This thing, when I turn the wireless off, can work for 2 weeks without a charge. That is nuts.

    d) I can upload my notes from my Kindle to the computer. I wish the format was a bit cleaner, but it works.

    e) Focus. I fear with an ipad I fear that I would become distracted and do something else other than read. While I can get online and do some other neat things, the Kindle keeps me focused on reading.

    Just a few thoughts from a true Kindle fan.

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