Darn Bible

Don’t you hate it when you have a great message to share with others, which then comes back and hits you in the face?

The Bible does this with me quite regularly.

Perhaps I am particularly sensitive to it today.  Yesterday I had a conversation with another young person who had been alienated from a church by hypocrisy of its leaders. More on that another day.

This morning I was writing a devotional booklet for our ministry. We are looking at the 23rd Psalm for the week.

In pointing out how the Psalmist moves from talking about God to talking to God, I decided to run with that a little.  I couldn’t help but think that in some cases (far too many cases) we say very different things when we are talking about someone else than when we are talking to that person.

I commended to my readers that as David says much the same things about God as to God, so ought we be the kind of people who treat not only God but other people that way.

As I was writing these things, I realized that I am not particularly good at following this advice.

But, following that conversation yesterday, I am on, one might say, hypocrisy alert.  Therefore, I am going to give some serious attention to becoming the kind of person that says nothing about someone that I wouldn’t say to the same person.

Join me?

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