How deceiving are appearances?

I walked to the front of campus this morning to check our mail. Rachel was expecting (and received) her new Palm Pixi.

Several people were already out working the landscaping across the front of our campus. If you’ve never been to our facility, you might not know we all live on a sprawling 130 acres within the city of Waco.  The front of our campus runs along Herring Avenue and most everyone in Waco knows as one of the most picturesque places in the city.

Sometimes it seems like we spend a lot more effort keeping the front looking good than we do the rest of the 130 acres. The devotional-izer in me jumps on this.  I quickly stir up thoughts of Jesus calling the Pharisees “white-washed tombs.” I think about all the effort we humans sometimes make to look good to others while refusing to take thought of our inner selves.

The trouble is, I told my devotion-izer self, the rest of the campus is also well taken care of. Perhaps not as neatly lanscaped throughout, and maybe the grass on the back 40 is not mowed quite as frequently, but it is all, by any standard, well cared for.

The problem, I quickly realized, is not taking extra care of what others see.  The problem, rather, is when we neglect what others do not see.

How is your soul?  Are you taking good care of the you no one else sees?

One thought on “How deceiving are appearances?

  1. I’d guess it’s also a matter of the speed of “up take.” When you drive by on Herring, at say 35mph, you are able to take in the scenery in a way different than when you drive (or walk) on campus at a much slower speed.

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