Baby Steps

As many of you know already, Eliza Megan Heyduck was born last Thursday. Isn’t she beautiful?

I’m taking a few weeks at home with Rachel and Eliza, learning again what it is to have a newborn in the house. I have already had several thoughts develop enough for this space, but want to start with this one.

Eliza is teaching me to simplify.

I know I’ve thought this through before, and even blogged about it before, but holding Eliza is helping me to do one thing at a time.  Since I will not be working for most of the next three weeks, Eliza is also helping me learn to trust others.  I am blessed to get to work with people I trust completely with our department and our work in my absence.

I updated my Facebook status this morning to share that I was “rocking E in the backyard swing, reading.”  A friend observed that I must be multitasking.  I wasn’t actually reading while updating my status.  Reading while holding her is sometimes iffy as well. More often than not I don’t have a book and reading glasses handy when I sit down to hold Eliza.  I am learning to be content in this time; to really enjoy being present with her.

I should treat all my friends so well.

One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. Applause. Applause! In our busy lives — too often we don’t savor the moment— You are so fabulous!

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