Memorial Day 2010

One of my goals with this post it to offend less people than last year’s.

This year I join the chorus of folk who remind us all to remember and honor those who have serve our country in defense of freedom and liberty.  Especially as I hear of friends and friends of friends who are serving their third, fourth, or even fifth consecutive tours in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I also hear too many stories of servicemen and servicewomen getting out and not quite qualifying for benefits.  Or of military families qualifying for food stamps.

I think there is a big disconnect.  What Caesar asks these men and women to do for their country deserves far better treatment from Caesar when they return home.

This year, as we remember the men and women who have signed on to serve, let us consider as well whether or not they are being taken care of proportionate to what they have offered.

It will not be cheap.  Are we willing?

Thank you, men and women, for all you have done.

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