When Should Texans Stick Together?

All over Waco’s news these past couple days has been concern over the dissolution of the Big 12.  Baylor University is concerned at reports that Nebraska and Missouri will flee the Big 12 for the more lucrative TV money of the Big Ten.

Part of the rumor mill is that the Pac-10 will invite six schools from the Big-12 to join that conference. These schools allegedly are Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Colorado.  In other words, Baylor could be left out.

Local coverage includes Baylor alumni, the local paper, and even Texas legislators appealing to keeping all the Texas Big-12 schools together.  All or none!

I can’t help but wonder where the rally cry was in 1996 when Baylor left SMU, TCU, and Rice behind to kill the Southwest Conference and become part of the new Big-12.  One recent article recalls that back then Baylor also appealed to the legislature to make sure they weren’t left out.

Appeals that no one should be left out are always stronger, it seems to me, when then are not just on one’s own behalf.  It seems to me poetic justice, then, that this past Sunday, as all this “keep us together” language reached fever pitch, Baylor’s baseball team had their season ended by TCU, a school BU left out in the cold in ’96.

One thought on “When Should Texans Stick Together?

  1. If Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma leave the Big 12 then it should be for the SEC not the PAC 10. This could rekindle a few old Southwest Conference rivalries with Arkansas. Not mention make the strongest college football conference even stronger.

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