Almost Christian

More posts will almost assuredly follow from this book I am currently reading.  After reading Kenda Creasy Dean’s Practicing Passion,   I will read anything Dr. Dean writes. The evening earlier this month I heard she had a new book out, I bought it and started in.

Here’s the thought from Almost Christian I share with you today: “Christ sends us into the world as translations of God’s love.”

Consider yourself, if you identify as a follower of Jesus, a translation of God’s love.  What kind of translation are you?

There are, for example, dozens of translations of the Bible in the English language.  It doesn’t take long with any of them to realize some are more readable than others.

Some Christians spend (or waste) a lot of time arguing over which translation is best, or why some are better or worse than others.  There are even still a considerable number of Christians who claim that the King James Version is the only true translation.

Consider, though, what a translation, not of the bible necessarily, is supposed to do.  A translation is affective if, and only if, it conveys the message from one to the other for whom the message is intended.

If your life is to be lived as a translation of God’s love, is that what your life is communicating to those to whom God’s message is intended?

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