This is my youth group.  No, not a youth group I have overseen or shepherded or directed during my 25+ years of youth ministry.  This is the youth group I grew up with.

We had a reunion last weekend, and it was awesome.  Because we had family in visiting Rachel and Eliza, I drove to Spring by myself for this Saturday party. I went of to college 29 years ago this month, and really had not been back much since then.

It was a very enjoyable introspective drive as I listened to everything from Billy Joel to Band of Horses and remembered my high school years. What would it be like to see everyone again?

“former” youth weren’t the only ones in attendance.  Art and Betty Wilson, our leader counselors over those years, were also there, in addition to some parents.

I spoke with Betty a bit about how, sometimes in youth ministry, you don’t get to see the harvest. You plant a lot of seeds, do a lot of praying, and you lose a fair amount of sleep.  No matter how the events and plans go during those years, one of the things we all want, in youth ministry, is for something to last.

This lasted.

The family feeling, the mutual love, respect, and caring took up wherever it left off when last we had seen each other.  In fact, I would say it is even better now, because none of us wasted any time Saturday playing any of the petty ego games that we seem to raise adolescents to play.

Anyway, the direction I am aiming this post today is to invite you to remember the people who played a significant role in your youth or childhood.  Do they know how well you’ve turned out so far?

If you get a chance, let them know.

One thought on “Reunion!

  1. Steve,
    You have blessed us…not only with these comments, but in your life. We count it a privilege to know you, and our prayer is that you will continue to have a dynamic impact on those young people whose lives you touch.
    We want to meet Rachel and Eliza, so when you have some time off, please plan a trip over here. You can stay at our place and go to church with us on Sunday. I promise you will be blessed by our minister. We attend WoodsEdge Community Church pastored by Jeff Wells, a minister who is very much in love with Jesus!

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