Go Green, Save Green

“Going green” isn’t always a money-saver.  Buying food that is sustain-ably produced can be costly. buying a new, more fuel-efficient car is expensive (and only arguably a greener option than maintaining a paid-for car you already have).

One way that Rachel and I have chosen to do a part to be better stewards of the earth is to use reusable cotton diapers.  The up-front cost is much higher than disposable diapers, but because we registered for them we received some as gifts.  As it stands now, Eliza is 3 months old tomorrow, and we spent on diapers total what disposables would have cost for this first 3 months.

And we have all the diapers she will ever need. And we have these diapers for a younger brother or sister to use.

We use more water washing them weekly than we would use on disposables, but we put almost nothing in the landfill, and water is, where we live, a renewable resource.

Interesting point-when I mention to young people that we have made this choice, many of them have asked why we don’t use “normal” diapers.  Disposable diapers are now “normal.”

We use Gro Baby and Bum Genius brands of reusable diapers, and they are incredibly easy to use.

No, I don’t leave all diaper duty to Rachel.

2 thoughts on “Go Green, Save Green

  1. bum genius are fantastic! dont know about gro baby. I used cloth diapers & loved them, the girls potty trained earlier too, well Bailey did. Tried cloth on Katie but she has very sensitive skin (still) and I couldn’t use cloth with her. Anyway, I loved the website, http://www.babycottonbottoms.com it’s very useful and Dani is a sweet lady!

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